Conferences attended

This is a list of physics conferences and schools I have attended, including my posters and talks.

Prequel: undergraduate and honours / masters (4th year) relativity courses:

  • Semester 1, University of Newcastle (Australia): PHYS3290 Special Relativity, lecturer Ian M. Benn
  • University of Newcastle: MATH____ General Relativity, lecturer Ian Benn
  • 2014 Semester 1, University of Queensland: MATH7105 General Relativity, lecturers Yao-Zhong Zhang and Tim C. Ralph
  • 2018 January, Monash University: Mathematical relativity and Lorentzian geometry at Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) summer school, lecturers Andy Hammerlindl and Todd Oliynyk


  • Melbourne, Australia: Australasian Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation (ACGRG8), “Cosmic Cabletalk abstract